A Spanish rider born on 29th of September, 1985 in Sadabell, Catalonia. He started riding bikes at the age of 4 when he got his first motorbike, Italjet 50. At the age of 6, he received his first racing mini bike replica of a Kawasaki.

His real racing career starts at the age of 9 when he entered in the Spanish Minibike Championship and ended his debut season with second place. In 2001 Pedrosa joined the World Championship in the 125cc and got a title in 2003. In 2004 Pedrosa moved up to 250cc class and won two titles in two years and becomes the youngest world champion in 250cc Grands Prix.

In 2006 He moved to the premier class of MotoGP. Unfortunately, he never wins any title in this class, but he wins races in eleven consecutive seasons of the world championship and also stands as championship runner-up on 2007, 2010 and 2012.


2001 – 8th 125cc with Honda RS125
2002 – 3rd 125cc with Honda RS125
2003 – 1st 125cc with Honda RS125


2004 – 1st 250cc with Honda RSW250
2005 – 1st 250cc with Honda RSW250


2006 – 5th with Honda RS211V
2007 – 2nd with Honda RS212V
2008 – 3rd with Honda RS212V
2009 – 3rd with Honda RS212V
2010 – 2nd with Honda RS212V
2011 – 4th with Honda RS212V

2012 – 2nd with Honda RS213V
2013 – 3rd with Honda RS213V
2014 – 4th with Honda RS213V
2015 – 4th with Honda RS213V
2016 – 6th with Honda RS213V
2017 –       with Honda RS213V

Stand as championship runner-up on 2007, 2010 and 2012