Leather Collection

Updates about Custom Made Leathers

Custom Suit Features

Most options are standard or available for no additional cost on most Custom suits based on model. However, there are some options that have an additional fee. You may want to move up to another model as the options included are more affordable.

S = Standard, O = Option,  * = Additional cost




Cowhide Leather S
Kangaroo Leather O* $ 400 USD
Use of any color leather in all available designs S
Schoeller®-Keprotec or Schoeller®-Dynatec O* $ 50 USD
Madnarin or Beaded Collar S
Mandarin collar or beeded neck (leather or neoprene) S
Leg over boot “Boot Out” S
EAV Rubber Internal Protectors S
PU Soft Protectors O* $ 10 USD
Hard Shell Protectors O* $ 20 USD
Knox Hard Shell Protectors O* $ 50 USD
Knee sliders Standard S
Race hump Standard S
Hydro Race Speed Hump O* $ 40 USD
Molded air intake vents at shoulder O Free
Ventilation Zippers O Free
Micro perforation O Free
External protectors (Knee, Shoulder & Elbow) O Free
Rubber Foam Padding (hips, chest and back) O Free
Chest protector attachment O Free
Inner leg protection/overlay for grip pads O* $ 10 USD
Silicone grip bands at base of legs O* $ 10 USD
Radio cable pass through at hump or wrist cuff O* $ 20 USD
Left side inner mesh chest pocket S
Removable mesh liner O Free
Personalized rider nameplate on inside of suit O Free
First and last names S
Logos – Leather cut or printed vinyl O* $5 – 50 USD
Sponsor Logos O* $5 – 50 USD
Name, Numbers & Logo’s Printed, Patched or Embroidered O* $5 – 50 USD
Standard Size (XS-4XL) S
Custom Fitting (Tailor Made Size) O* $ 50 USD

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