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Motorbike Leathers

Customization Options for Motorbike Leathers

(Suits, Jacket, Pants, Chaps, Vests, Gloves, Boots)

We offer the most custom features in the industry and our quality is unmatched by anyone else’s products. By adding or removing any of the following options, you can quickly and easily create a custom leather tailored just for you. Although there are some exceptions, we can create almost anything you want and if you don’t see something here on our site, feel free to contact us and we can usually accommodate most requests.

For a free quote, either send us the information directly to our email leather@leathercollection.us


Select Any Design

Our custom made leather services enable you to select any design you like and have your leathers look exactly the way you want them. You can choose from a wide array of designs, each one specifically able to suit your needs.


Use Any Colors Available

Our leathers come in a multitude of colors to choose from that will match your bike or race team. Regular colors Available Black, Red, Blue, Green, White, Silver, Yellow, Cream, Yamaha Blue, Repsol Blue, Kawasaki Green, Silver Chrome, Gold Chrome, Metallic Blue, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, HD Orange, Gray, Gunmetal, Light Blue and Carbon Fiber.


Select Leather

Since we make all of our products in-house, we can accommodate all of your personalized needs. Offers you a choice of strong and durable Kangaroo / Cowhide in MILLED or NATURAL MILLED finish.


Men’s or Women’s Fitting

Men and women body require a different kind of fitting specially when it comes to how their leather fit. Since we are offering men’s or women’s fitting for all of our leathers suits with custom size, you are ensured a perfect fit every time; you have our word on it.


One Piece or Two Piece Style

You can purchase Motorcycle Leather Suits in either a one-piece style or a user-friendly two-piece style to fit your needs. No matter what style you choose, all of our products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.


Mandarin or Beaded Collar

We offer two very different, distinctive collar styles to suit your personal needs. Some people like mandarin style collars and other like the beaded style; we can make them both and incorporate either of them into any of our one-piece and two-piece styles.


Internal Protection

We care about your safety; that is why we offer full internal protection built right into our leathers. This ensures that no matter what happens on the track or the road, you will always be safe and secure.


External Protection

We provide external protection in certain high-wear areas (shoulder, elbow, back & knee) of our leathers to ensure your safety. In many cases, it is more affordable to replace the external armor rather than replacing the damaged panel or the entire suit. We use high-impact material in our external armor making it strong, yet still very lightweight.


Race Hump

We can incorporate a race hump into any of our jackets or one-piece suits. The hump actually serves three important purposes: it acts as an aid in aerodynamic flow, some teams use them to store telecommunications equipment, water or air bags in and it provides an extra measure of back protection.


Full Perforation

All of our leathers take advantage of having full perforation in key areas to ensure that you do not overheat while riding on the track or on the road. Being comfortable physically, allows you to think more clearly and become more competitive.


Air Intake Vents or Ventilation Zippers

For added comfort on those really hot days, we can incorporate air intake vents or ventilation zippers that can be manually opened to cool down the rider and closed to keep the rider warm and dry.


Cable or Hose Pass Through

As an innovative feature, we can add a cable or hose pass through enabling you to run telecommunications equipment inside your leathers or an external pouch used for drinking or cooling down.


Name Number & Logo’s

We can make several different types of names, numbers and logos and we can print them, patch them or embroider them. Whichever you choose, you know you will be getting the same quality we have been known for in our leathers.


Standard Size

Leather Collection offers all standard sizes from XS to 4XL and everything in between to ensure that we can fit you no matter what your size. Having leathers that fit properly is as important as having a bike that runs properly, without either, your ride will not be as good.


Custom Fitting (Tailor Made Size)

We realize that not everyone falls into the S, M, L category and we can accommodate you if you don’t. We offer custom tailored fitting that will have your leathers feeling comfortable and wearable all day long, even for those long rides.

Get one for you now http://www.leathercollection.us/en-we/complete-customization-motorbike-leathers/

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